Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We LOVE Summer!

I am getting so spoiled to having Matt around during the day.  He has been so intentional in getting up with me and seeing me off as I start my day! So far for breakfast I have had homemade biscuits, eggs and toast, cinnamon rolls, and a bowl of honey nut cheerios (I know you don't really care what I ate).  I felt it was only right to brag on him.  

My little brother and his friend also came and spent the week with me while Matt was at home getting everything sorted out for us to purchase our first home! Garrett, Kelcee, Jake and I went to Splash Kingdom (only go there if you have small children) and spent many many hours by the pool.  Garrett even cooked dinner one night and Kelcee made cookies.  
Our cookie initials :)

Just hanging out by the pool.  

It was absolutely wonderful spending time with them! Hurry BACK!! 

The picture lover in me has turned into an attempt at photography.  While I still have a TON to learn, Tiffany has been so gracious and let me practice on her beautiful little girl! Payt is almost four months old and was such a trooper as we had our photo shoot in the middle of JUNE! 
This was one of the first pictures we took….

This was one of the last.  Poor little girl was worn slap out after her long day. 

My classmates and I also had the opportunity to work alongside the med students at the Camp Tiger Carnival.  Camp Tiger is a week long day camp every summer for special needs children.  It is put on by the med students and funded by the community, so it costs the children and their families nothing to attend.  It was sooooo soooo hott, but we had such a good time! Bridg you did a great job! 

Every child left with a prize! It was the ultimate toy shop :). 

Casey and Erin hard at work! I love that you two can ALWAYS make me laugh…even during that 12 minute run you get to do tomorrow! 

Every month we also have a class birthday party.  Because April was finals, May was our time off, and June was here in a heartbeat, the April, May and June babies all celebrated together with a pool party.  This picture pretty much sums it up: 
Our class definitely has a variety of personalities and I love how everyday we are challenged by each other.  What a journey it has been! I am so thankful for such incredible memories with all 30 of you! 

Look at all those 2nd years! One more year to go….we got this!! 

As you can see, the Lord has been abundantly gracious in creating sweet sweet memories for us.  Matt has been hard at work organizing a Golf Scramble to benefit his baseball team and making sure the football players are ready for the upcoming season.  Our cousin and her puppy have been staying with us.  Chloe LOVES having Roscoe around to play chase with at ALL hours of the day….even if its 7 am! We are also loving the fact that our dear friend Jake is living in Shreveport now! At least once a week we have family night! Thank you Jesus for the sweet friends that become so much like family to us!! Hope and pray your Summer is just as sweet.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

School is out for Matt and back in for me! Never in my life have longed to wear sandals (we have to wear closed toe shoes to school) and be on a beach than I do now.  Matt took a few days off while I was out of school so we could celebrate our first year of marriage…at Six Flags…on roller coasters.  Appropriate right?  Matt told me how much he LOVED roller coasters.  He wasn't kidding.  We stood in line for hours.  It was HOT, but afterwards I had the best Starburst popsicle and Dasani water of my life!

No Lie.  This was after our first EVER roller coaster ride together.  

Our cake lady (who was excellent), makes a new top layer cake for her "one yearers."  
We took a cheesy cut the cake together picture and then gobbled it up! 

With the help of the Johnson's and Framed Photography, we were able to get this beautiful picture from our wedding with the vows inscribed.   (sorry it's not the best picture!)

And to top it all off, we got all dressed up and pretended like we got married all over again.  You see, we were really disappointed in our wedding pictures.  There were very few of us together and were not really any we could use to display in our home.  My cousin Stacy stepped up to the plate and used us as practice subjects (as if she needs anymore) for her own photography business.  Insert Plug for Framed Photography here! Here are a few of our favorites!

Okay, okay, okay.  Now I'm done babbling on about our One Year Anniversary.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support as Matt and I have ventured out into the real world.  We love you all! 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whirlwind of a Year

We have been married for a WHOLE YEAR!!! Well, we are 13 days shy of a year!  Without a shadow of a doubt, this is year has been the most difficult, yet most rewarding year of my life.  The Lord has been so gracious to us as us as we have set out as adults.  AHHHH we are grown! Matt and I have grown tremendously and adapted well to  the chaos of "big city" living.  Let's start by catching you up: 

We got MARRIED and

moved into our first apartment, the size of a closet, but hey 706 was our 1st Home!! 

First Day of School pic taken by the lovely hubby…yes, my mom made me take one of these EVERY year and now it is habit! 

The Lord blessed Matt with a teaching and coaching job that he adores, and I got my white coat that makes me look all official.  If you only knew how much more I have to learn…..

We moved again :)  The fence is only half up because my sweet daddy thought it would be faster if we just took it down to move our things in! Thankfully, what he tore down he was able to repair :)

Woah…before you get too excited LC friends, this is at Southwood, but I must admit the colors are a welcomed familiar to us!  Look at the hubby in action! 

After football season came Thanksgiving...

Matt (yes he helped) and I got a little creative and made Turkey cupcakes :) 

We also had to watch as Chloe was traumatized… 
Poor puppy had to wear that collar for a week!

After 7 months of wedded bliss we finally got to go on our honeymoon!! 
Hello St. Lucia! I am so thankful our Creator displays his beauty in all his creations! Look at that sunset, and the water and beaches…ahhhh!! 

Next Holiday please :) CHRISTMAS!! 
I am pretty sure we celebrated our Savior's birth the entire month all across LA with friends, family, and our sweet little puppy! 

We went to Natchitoches together for the first time to the City of Lights! 

We baked cookies with our sweet married friends! 

And shared in our 1st married Christmas together!

Oh yeah! Here is another 1st to add to the many firsts you have already seen! It snowed enough for school to be canceled, a test to be postponed, and a free day for me and the hubby! 
We kidnapped my sweet friend and made her tag along in the snow adventure! 

Valentine's Day was a blast! We decided to stay home and cook instead of fighting the crowds at the restaurants. 
We love World Market!!! 

Matt also took me to my first ever Mardi Gras Parade…He even missed the UNC vs Duke basketball game (if you don't know Matt, that is a very very big deal)! 
Before the parade: 

Yay for Southern Traditions and great friends! 

And now that Spring Time is finally here, the Gallien household has been soaking up the sunshine. 

First annual Bugs for Jugs 5K Walk! So thankful for these girls and their continuous support! Go PTs!!

Spring Time also means Prom time! 
My handsome little brother cleaned up nicely and had the time of his life!
Too bad he wouldn't let me be his date :) 

Matt stayed so busy with baseball, and while it was incredibly demanding, we were reminded of the importance of godly guidance and leadership.   

And after way way to much of this…

We finally completed our first year of PT School!! 

And finally we celebrate together the end of my first year of school and three whole weeks of us time, no studying involved!! 

We also watched as our family quadrupled in size, and somehow each time, the miracle of life never got old.  Thank you Jesus for the gift of life! 
Sadie and Elliott were born in August! 

Breely bug came to join us in February and her cousins couldn't be more proud! 

Payton also came in February! 
So glad these two…well three now are a part of our lives! 

Now that this has become quite the novel (a year is really hard to summarize), 
Here are a few more things I have learned along the way:

1.  Let your daddy take you hunting, regardless of who kills the deer, if you offer to skin it he is the proudest man in the world! (notice I am wearing a latex glove). 

2. Gardening is hard work.  Thankfully, Abby knows what she is doing and our little cucumber and tomatoes are growing like a weed (only a good weed)

3. Chloe HATES to take a bath…you know its bad when you hide behind the plunger and toilet!

4. Its not always your teacher’s fault if she mixes you up with your friend…especially if you dress alike!  Abby and I have been called each other by several of our teachers, a few of them have even handed us each other's test papers.  Ha! 

5. Rarely in life do you find friends who are friends for a lifetime, but when you do they are there to stay! So thankful Matt and I get to share life with you two.  
Then (2007)


 Little did we know what started at Dry Creek would lead to this!

6. 6.  THIS IS BAD!!! When you have this coming out of your walls it means Termites!!! Thankfully, I insisted on sleeping on the side of the bed that Matt wanted (because it was closest to the door) and so being the stubborn girl that I am, rearranged the whole room to accommodate for both of us…only to find these uninvited guests behind our bed!! 

6. 7. Life is so much sweeter when you have precious people to share it with.  We are so thankful and honored to be a part of all of your lives! Congratulations on all your engagements, weddings, babies, and graduations!! You will forever hold a special place in our hearts! 
This is currently all of the invitations and announcements adorning our refrigerator! 

8.  One more thing.  When you have to fight for something in life…Fight HARD! My precious Aunt Susie has been battling Ovarian Cancer for 8 years now after being told she only had  5 to live.  What a blessing she is to us and a constant reminder of the beauty of life itself! Thank you Jesus for being her Healer and Provider!! The first annual Susie Lewis Hope for a Cure 5K/10K walk and run was held in April to raise awareness and funding for Ovarian Cancer.  She is still such a fighter!! 

And there you have it! Good times with the Galliens! 
As you can see we have been blessed beyond words with great friendships, wonderful memories, and a zillion lessons.  What a joy it is to sit and reflect on the year we have spent together, knowing and trusting in the sweet goodness of our Heavenly Father!!