Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We LOVE Summer!

I am getting so spoiled to having Matt around during the day.  He has been so intentional in getting up with me and seeing me off as I start my day! So far for breakfast I have had homemade biscuits, eggs and toast, cinnamon rolls, and a bowl of honey nut cheerios (I know you don't really care what I ate).  I felt it was only right to brag on him.  

My little brother and his friend also came and spent the week with me while Matt was at home getting everything sorted out for us to purchase our first home! Garrett, Kelcee, Jake and I went to Splash Kingdom (only go there if you have small children) and spent many many hours by the pool.  Garrett even cooked dinner one night and Kelcee made cookies.  
Our cookie initials :)

Just hanging out by the pool.  

It was absolutely wonderful spending time with them! Hurry BACK!! 

The picture lover in me has turned into an attempt at photography.  While I still have a TON to learn, Tiffany has been so gracious and let me practice on her beautiful little girl! Payt is almost four months old and was such a trooper as we had our photo shoot in the middle of JUNE! 
This was one of the first pictures we took….

This was one of the last.  Poor little girl was worn slap out after her long day. 

My classmates and I also had the opportunity to work alongside the med students at the Camp Tiger Carnival.  Camp Tiger is a week long day camp every summer for special needs children.  It is put on by the med students and funded by the community, so it costs the children and their families nothing to attend.  It was sooooo soooo hott, but we had such a good time! Bridg you did a great job! 

Every child left with a prize! It was the ultimate toy shop :). 

Casey and Erin hard at work! I love that you two can ALWAYS make me laugh…even during that 12 minute run you get to do tomorrow! 

Every month we also have a class birthday party.  Because April was finals, May was our time off, and June was here in a heartbeat, the April, May and June babies all celebrated together with a pool party.  This picture pretty much sums it up: 
Our class definitely has a variety of personalities and I love how everyday we are challenged by each other.  What a journey it has been! I am so thankful for such incredible memories with all 30 of you! 

Look at all those 2nd years! One more year to go….we got this!! 

As you can see, the Lord has been abundantly gracious in creating sweet sweet memories for us.  Matt has been hard at work organizing a Golf Scramble to benefit his baseball team and making sure the football players are ready for the upcoming season.  Our cousin and her puppy have been staying with us.  Chloe LOVES having Roscoe around to play chase with at ALL hours of the day….even if its 7 am! We are also loving the fact that our dear friend Jake is living in Shreveport now! At least once a week we have family night! Thank you Jesus for the sweet friends that become so much like family to us!! Hope and pray your Summer is just as sweet.  

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